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Presenting Liz Braga, Pedro Guerra and Juninho Ibituruna - Coletivo Na Esquina (BR-FR)

30’ all audience, duo acrobatics and live music


The show came to life through a research performed by the two acrobats about “SAUDADE”, a Portuguese word considered impossible to translate. Saudade carries a meaning of feelings connected to missing something, someone, or even a place, nostalgia, and absence. But it also evokes the hope of the re-ecounter. Saudade is a typical and essential feeling of the lusophone culture.


Aiming to transport this felling to our acrobatic duo, the show’s propose is to find a unique way to express it trough acrobatic language.How does one express absence through a circus discipline that depends on the presence of someone else?


In OTETO, Liz sings freely and by doing it she embodies a double movement. On one hand, when she sings, in an introspective gesture, she connects to her history. On the other hand, she shares with the public the interlacing of contradictory feelings which defines ‘’saudade''.

In the scene the two acrobats are accompanied by the Brazilian musician Juninho Ibituruna, who performs the live soundtrack composing with the voices and Afro- Brazilian rhythms.




Partenaires : 

Circus Station (CH)

Le Plus Petit Cirque au Monde (FR)

Coletivo Nopok (BR)

CIRCOS Festival Internacional Sesc de Circo (BR)

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